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Renewing your Relationship begins on Feb. 27

Renewing your Relationship begins on Feb. 27

by Linda Anderson Krech -
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What do we need to do to keep our relationships healthy?  Most of us know how to make our bodies stronger and how to keep our cars humming along - but we often leave our relationships running on autopilot.  For some reason we don't believe that love should require maintenance or special attention.  But it does.

Please join us for our upcoming Renewing your Relationship program, which will begin on Feb. 27th and end on March 28.

Let's become the best partners we can be -- for everyone's sake, including our own.  That is what we can control and are responsible for, despite the inevitable ups and downs of feelings and circumstance that can distract and confuse us.  That is our best chance for creating a loving and satisfying relationship.

Set aside a little time every day to nurture your special relationship and see what happens!  You'll have a suggested exercise for every day of the month, selected readings, and an online community for camaraderie, support and inspiration. 

As program facilitator, I will bring over 20 years of experience applying Japanese Psychology to my marriage. 

I hope you decide to join us.

You can register here.

With all good wishes,

Linda Anderson Krech, LICSW