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2015 Living on Purpose program begins on Jan. 15th!

2015 Living on Purpose program begins on Jan. 15th!

by Linda Anderson Krech -
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We are in the final days of accepting participants into the 2015 Living on Purpose program.Please take a moment to consider if this is a good time for you to focus on the issue of purpose in your life.

Here are some questions for you to consider:  

  • Do you feel confident that you are using your time well?
  • Are you excited by and committed to your current ventures?
  • Will your current path help you to create a positive legacy?
  • Are you easily derailed from that which you consider most important?

The Living on Purpose program addresses each of these questions, drawing on Naikan Self-Reflection and Morita Therapy, as well as the work of Viktor Frankl, Stephen Covey and William Damon.

Living on Purpose
A Month-long Distance Learning Program
January 15 - February 13, 2015

This program will help you to find direction, set direction, and stay on course.

For 30 days you will have an experiential opportunity to investigate the theme of purpose, as it relates to your own unique life.Every day you will work with an exercise that will help you to strengthen your sense of purpose and your ability to stay on track.

You will also have access to diverse resources that are thought-provoking and inspiring.And you'll have an opportunity to communicate with others across the globe who are also engaging in this process.

Gregg Krech will be teaching the program.Gregg, Director of the ToDo Institute, is one of the leading authorities on Japanese Psychology in North America.The Art of Taking Action: Lessons from Japanese Psychology, Gregg's newest book, is an Amazon best-seller right now.Gregg is also the author of Naikan: Gratitude, Grace & the Japanese Art of Self-Reflection, and A Natural Approach to Mental Wellness.

$78 for ToDo members;  $93 for non-members

(Please note that alumni of this particular program are eligible for a 50% discount!)

You can register online here or call us at 800-950-6034 or 802-453-4440
I hope you can join us!

Warmest regards,

Linda Anderson Krech, LICSW